Even online needs some paper

Even if you are setting up an online focused business you still need to play by the regular business game rules. You can’t avoid all the costs that a regular business faces.

One item that should be first on your list is production of business cards. Once you start meeting people and explaining what you are doing one of the first things that people will ask for is a business card. Its so much easier and much more professional to have a business card to hand out with your websites address than scambling around for a piece of paper to write down your url. Plus all your family and friends will start asking you for one and it’ll help show them that you are taking the project seriously.

Also since you’re online people seem to expect some more style in anything you are doing. Sure your website has to look good. One other thing that you can do is produce color business cards when you figure out your design. That extra touch can make a huge difference in the first impression that someone receives after they talk to you. You might have made a great pitch and the colour cards show that you are more professional.

If you wonder if that really works I would suggest that you look at some of those real estate business cards that you see everywhere. Real estate agents live off first impressions and having a professional image. The better agents know the game and they use every advantage that they can get when they are looking to get more clients and listings.