Monday means coffee

Well I survived that whole Saturday workday without the inhouse espresso service at work. I was all ready to let go and make some smart remarks to the office manager about the broken machine. You know what. She calls in sick.

So the head honcho hears me complaining about the whole weekend and my lost hours of production. Ah he says I have a solution for you.

Next thing I know I’m flipping through the yellow pages trying to find a coffee vending company that will come by and looking at our broken down espresso machine. Well at least I knew that the espresso machine was going to get fixed but I had no idea about all the questions that I was going to run into.

First thing is that you’d expect all these companies to be jumping at the chance to open a new account and help you out by showing how fast they could fix one problem. Not really the way it works anymore.

All these companies do not just deal in coffee anymore. They are full on drinks vending companies with a wide range of other products. Want that espresso machine checked out, well I’d have to check out their full range of water and fruit drinks. The whole process was becoming way to complicated. I was going to have make some executive level decisions on what was going to be stocked in our office for at least one year. So I just checked with some of the other folks in the office and asked if they knew what was wrong with the office manager. Dentist appointment back on Tuesday. Well its back to being her problem.