More new computer info

My quest for the new home computer has lead me to be slightly more noisy around other computer users. I figure that once I see what everyone else is using it will help me in my decision.

One thing to consider is that some people might only be working in Word and surfing the net. Very light users, very light computer needs.

I noticed that one of my friends was using a computer to run his construction business. He’s using a specific piece of Construction Software to plan out all the details of his jobs. What this really showed me was that his computer needs were meet more by this one piece of software than by buying a big machine.

He was able to plan out his jobs with the software and keep track of all the different POs for every project. So if he ordered two bags of cement the software knew what job to assign that cost. The program had some additional Sage Line 50 Accounts information included so he had as much information as an accountant from a finance standpoint.

While that might not seem important for a construction company his ability to track his payroll costs by using Sage Construct Advanced means that he can quickly see if his man hours are eating into his profit for any specific job. The ability to track his expenses means that he can find out before his jobs are finished if he actually has made any money on them.