Oh sweet Sevilla

Well with the clocks changed in North America its now officially winter and the start of the winter depression season. When you’re walking home at 6:00pm and its already dark your mind starts to wonder.

My mind always wanders off to Spain. For seem reason I’ve always got the urge to move to Sevilla in Spain. The best thing about Spain is that its not gone crazy in all locations for prices. When you’re looking for Spanish property for sale you should realize that there is a huge difference in pricing and most importantly in temperature.

I love Sevilla because its located in the south of the country. One problem is that its reaches 40 degrees Celius in the summer but in the winter its more reasonable.

Most people who are looking for housing in Spain head towards the coast. Well they really can’t lose on that one. Any Costa del Sol Property is going to be beautiful. You can find all sorts of property in the region. If you have just sold your New York condo or your London townhouse you can easily afford a nice villa in Spain. Actually you might even be able to buy two or three in the right location (that will keep the inlaws safely away). For most other folks we can easily find a townhouse or apartment in a lower price range.

The housing prices are not crazy like in the south of France and the weather is better. You could argue for years about the difference in food but Spain will still provide you with everything you need and it’ll likely cost you a few thousands Euros less per month. Plus you don’t have to speak French!