Website design help

A few weeks ago I mentioned my efforts to help set up a local business online. I was acting more as an assistant and not the actual person sitting down and coding up the page. Its important that someone helps explain all the parts of setting up an online business; webhosting, e-commerce, design, software etc.

When you actually get around to doing the Web design work you are not limited by your location. While it would be great to talk to someone face to face you are limiting yourself if you only look for local designers.

You have to really wrap your head around the concept of doing online business when you start looking for designers. You are online, you are designing something that is online, why not find a desinger online. Simple but true, the hard copy yellow pages should not be your only resource. When you start looking at all the different web design service companies you’ll notice that they are spread out all over the world.

Some issues to think about in advance. European web designers will likely charge in Euros or pounds so it can be expensive. Its better to look for someone in North America since you likely can phone them for a few cents per minute if you need some immediate help. Don’t just look at major urban centers for designs. You can find some great designers in smaller locations. Some ideas would be Oregon designers, Utah web design, North Carolina designers. These are all areas of the USA that have a high concentration of computer related industries which helps create a strong computer design workforce.