Weekend without coffee

Working on the weekends is something that everyone has to face at some point. But sometimes its extra painful. Forget about the fact that everyone else might be out and about enjoying the fine weather.

No the worse thing about working on the weekend is when the office manager does not do the one thing that everyone wanted done on Friday afternoon. They forgot to call the espresso repair person. Seriously all week the machine had been acting funny. We kept bugging the office manager to call someone to get the machine fixed.

Well now its the weekend and the machine has completely broken down. Before it was making bad coffee half the time now its just making funny noises. So instead of working away I’m wasting my time walking three blocks just to get some coffee. I tried calling some coffee machine repair places but everything is shut down for the weekend. So instead of being some super productive weekend worker I’m some shadow of man working a few hours who wasted almost half his weekend workday looking for some decent coffee. I’ll make sure that I mention that to the office manager on Monday.