After page 300 is printed

You might have been lucky enough to get a brand new computer set up for the holidays. If you got the full package of cpu, monitor and printer you might now be hitting the high margin follow up sales area.

No its not all those games where computer stores make their money. Its on printer toner and supplies. After working at an undisclosed Apple dealer I’ll tell you that the shops make a killing on printer supplies. And do not expect them to lower the price for your MICR toner because all stores do the same thing.

But you should be counting yourself lucky if you are only looking for toner. Ink jet supplies are even worse when you look at the long term cost. If your printer is laser and you are using HP MICR toner you will only be paying a fraction of a cent for every page printed. Anyone using an inkjet to print will be looking at some much higher per unit cost.

Also with a laser printer you have the ability to print faster if you are doing any intensive business or school work. An affordable black toner only printer might not do full colour charts but you can easily add check paper or colour sheets so you can do different jobs and expand the use of your machine. Plus with that low per unit cost you can easily save some money and buy yourself a nice full colour printer next Christmas.