Do dogs and people mix?

Well its kind of a general question. I’m not talking about mixing well at a party because any guy and any dog would just both head off to the barbeque.

No what the bigger problem is dogs and people in open settings. Our local park is currently a battle zone regarding the use of the public space in regards to dogs and people.

Actually the biggest problem is that some dogs have no dog obedience training. When I’m walking across the park with a pizza and the owner starts screaming at the dog to not knock me over I know that dog needs some training.

The owners usually come up that great line you love to hear after you’ve been floored by some huge hound, don’t worry they’re friendly. What I’m going to do is start carrying around some chapters from some dog training books so I can hand out some information to the owners. Hopefully they won’t use it to pick up the poop but in my park thats not likely, its a landmine of deposits.

My other option is to become a dog approved version of Crocodile Dundee. I’ll get that two finger thing working. It’ll be one of the coolest dog training tips that anyone will have seen in the neighbourhood.