Plastic or glass

The weekend would not be complete without some type of home repair project. One project that could not be delayed any longer was that slightly cracked window replacement and the matching cracked door panel.

The biggest issue for me was trying to figure out if I should replace the cracker window with glass or plastic. Obviously when most people think about replacing windows they think glass. But that can be expensive and its usually means some custom cut piece and some professional install.

Another option is to use some Perspex or some other brand name of plastic. Some stores even refer to the stuff as acrylic glass so you see that it can be used for window replacement.

Also another item that needed to be replaced was the bottom part of the door near the window. We kept running into the door so the bottom panel was cracked. We had used a simple piece of plywood in the past to repair the door. The problem is that the plywood was not strong enough because its needed to be thin so the door would close.

My neighbour works in the sign making business and he pulled out a unique solution. He had some dipond in his work truck. The stuff is strong has heck since its an aluminum composite. I’m sure no matter what happens to that door over the course of the winter we won’t be making any cracks in the door. I think the whole house will fall down before the new door panel breaks.