Post turkey time

The big countdown is on in the household. In the USA once that Thanksgiving turkey is finally moved off the table the Christmas season kicks into full swing. Up in Canada its the post Grey Cup action that means Xmas is rapidly approaching.

Christmas displays is almost a blood sport in the neighbourhood. The outside displays have been getting better every year. One very nice item that I have decided to add to our Christmas display is a christopher radko ornament. These decorations are top of the line and they add a very nice touch of class to any Christmas display.

The best thing is that these decorations are not one year purchases. No matter what radko ornaments you select you end up getting something that you’ll want to keep in the family for many years. Most families have one or two decorations that have been around for several years. Well its time for you to start your own tradition with one of these decorations.

If you wanted to get something that was a little bit more Christmas folkie in theme you could also look at buying possible dreams Santas ornaments. The collection is huge and you can find some items that have some humour along with the Christmas spirit.