Watch for the Xmas flyers

As much as I’d like to avoid all the Xmas shopping build up its almost impossible. The TV has commercials every five minutes and even the public broadcasters have special Xmas shows that they are promoting.

But the worst thing that can arrive in the old household are store flyers. Its terrible for someone who has kids. They rip through all the pages looking for Christmas gift ideas. Its pages and pages of gifts that look great in the photo but in reality they are just over marketed plastic. The educational toy stores never have Christmas flyers that look as good as the the big box stores flyers.

Even worse is if you are trying to find some sort of gift that is different. The kids build themselves up to receive the over hyped pieces of plastic. If you try to get them some unique Christmas gifts you run the risk of a Christmas morning meltdown. Its best to try and combine the two desires, theirs and yours.

I’ve noticed one trend already this season although it won’t be happening in my household. Some of the women that I know went electronic when they went looking for Christmas gifts for dad. The same item keeps being discussed, a Nintendo Wii game. The price on the unit has dropped so its becoming a popular gift for folks who did not buy one yet.