Free time gone

One of the dangers of being online is the whole information overload problem. You can find way to much news and information from all the different news websites. If you tried to read all the different tech news sources you’d never get away from the computer.

Another guaranteed time killer thanks to the internet are online games. You can find tons of Free Online Games on the internet. One thing that the sites feature are remakes of classic arcade games that are guaranteed to appeal to the older folks who are online. Many a lunch hour at a corporate workplace has been spent playing PacMan online.

Besides the classic old school arcade games you can find some Strategic Games that can easily take up an evening online. The problem is that with these games is that once you start you can’t stop because you want to solve the problem. These games are not save for work because you end up thinking about solving the game all day long.

A better solution for someone at work are some simple Shooting Games because the action is usually over in a few minutes and you can return to your usual computer work. Plus there is nothing better than blasting away at something after another three hour meeting. That will get your blood flowing and it will knockout those midday corporate cobwebs.