Myspace layout help and protection

Some big news for users of Myspace right now. Some famous and busy sites have been hacked. Apparently Alicia Keys Myspace was hacked and some sort of malware gets installed on people computers. The HTML on the page contains some sort of image map that is actually clickable.

Whats interesting is that she’s the fourth ranked artists on Myspace and she got hacked. She could have used one of the better Myspace layouts and she likely would not have had that problem. There are various high quality designs available that offer a professional service and they are secure. Someone visiting her Myspace page really just wants to listen to the music and they don’t need to see to many bells and whistles.

Even if Alicia Keys helpers were not happy with the basic template they could have used some Myspace HTML editor to add some minor changes. Anyone who visits would want to hear her music and check out her tour schedule. The site wouldn’t need to much else. She could have also used one of those Myspace Profile Editor programs which help you customize your look if you are not to keen to mess around with the HTML code. Hopefully her Myspace page is working fine now but its a lesson that any Myspace user should know, don’t over do your design just make your site work.