New computer search

With the holidays approaching its also time to look for a big household gift for the family. One item that keeps being discussed is a new household computer. The old Mac G4 computer is likely entering its last stages of operation.

The obvious choice for any Mac computer fan would be one of the new iMac computers. But now with all the different software that is available really the quest has shifted to finding the fastest computer available. I have started to research what make some machines faster than other and I’m learning all about different computer processors and other factors.

Obviously the processor makes a huge difference. Dual core computers seem to be the norm now. I have seen machines feature Embedded Computer chips that help with certain high end graphic programs.

The most common use of these high end type of chips are in Industrial Computing type of machines. Usually these machine require some very specific chips to help perform some highly complex program. The hardware is often tied into a specific piece of software.

The same type of very specific applications of hardware and software is used in Computer on Module designs. All these extras help the processors work faster since they free up CPU power. What is interesting is the some of the newer iMacs might not use the same architecture in the CPU design but the Apple designers have included some of these CPU speed principles into the design of the newer Apple computers. We might still end up with a Mac after the whole research project is done.