Pro hosting example

Another thing to consider when you are looking at getting some webhosting is other sites. If you regularly visit one site and you find that the loading speed is great one day and terrible the next its likely related to their choice of webhosting. You can do some online research and find their hosting company by looking at their IP address.

One of my favorite websites is done by the designer of this blog’s theme. Chris Pearson has a very successful business online and he main site is hosted by midphase web hosting. That company has been around since 2003 so it meets another one of my key requirements.

I have never had any problems loading Chris Pearson’s website so when you look at various midphase review articles I can say that I have had some great uptime experience. I think some of the reviews might key into the limited number of features that some of the hosting accounts offer. You should closely examine the features in any webhosting offer, do not just go by price.

Again Midphase is another company where you must look for some deals. One thing with a midphase coupon is that they might not just discount the price. You can get other items thrown into the offer so make sure you check out all the different offers. Don’t assume that all the offers are the same just because they list one price.