Real Canadian web hosting

Recently I was on the quest for a real Canadian Web Hosting Company. Why? Well having servers located in Canada is something that some clients want. If you have a Canadian based graphic design business with some customer who are not net savvy they might not understand how the internet works.

I’ve had to explain how the internet works once to often. Its easier to explain to someone in Canada that their files will be sitting in a computer in Montreal than explaining that its ok that their files are in Texas or Florida. Makes the sale of the design services easier since you solved one question.

Obviously if you are providing some design service to other folks you’ll want to find some Canada Reseller Hosting since you can than resell the service to your customers. Thats makes the search even more difficult.

The problem is that you can find plenty of Canadian web hosting companies. If you search for web hosting Canada you’ll find plenty of results. the problem is that the servers are not actually in Canada. Most of these companies might have an office in Canada but their servers are actually located in the USA. That type of hosting does not solve the problem. So watch out for those web hosting companies with Canadian mailing addresses but American IPs addresses.