Got the clean up hint

When the wife leaves a catalogue on your computer keyboard I think thats about as much as a hint anyone needs. Unfortunately this catalogue had more to do with housework than any other possible subject.

We have been having the great debate about housework and who does what in the household. Dishes, cat litter, laundry (not folding) and garbage patrol apparently are not enough for one man duties. I’ve been nicely asked to add floor maintenance to the weekly chore list. But I’ll be able to purchase a vacuum to help me out.

Well at least I’m looking at the whole process as adding another gadget. Things have changed since I had to push around that antique vacuum for mom. Now all the vacuum companies have cool products with some great features. Some of the add on vacuum parts seem to make it possible to clean up any mess that the house can throw at me.

The different models in the catalogue all have different features which is kind of surprising. really what we’re talking about is cleaning some carpets and floors. But the companies approach it in different ways so they try to rise above the others. Its vacuum gadgets wars. The Kirby vacuum parts seem to deal with things that a total neat freak would be looking for in a purchase. I’m more looking for the cool gadget vacuum. Who cares about function!

One of the oldest names in the industry (since I pushed one around in my parents house) has plenty of options. Hoover has been around forever and the Hoover vacuum parts seem to have every solution available. They have vacuums for almost every taste with some nice modern design ones for the downtown condo dweller. I’m just looking for the best cat hair catcher.