Not like Barry

I was reading another magazine article about the sorry state of baseball which is actually all about Barry Bonds. Here you have the MLB home run king in big trouble. Bonds should be enjoying this post season but instead he’s likely spending all his days talking to lawyers.

The root cause of all his problems were his choices. Bonds wanted a boost in his performance. He took the wrong path by not understanding what he was doing by choosing some products.

Almost all pros take some type of supplements. The problem is they need to take the right ones. If Bonds had selected the right prohormones supplement he likely would not be in this much trouble right now. Instead of some designer product Bonds could have taken something that he would not have had to hide from everyone.

With the right research any baseball player can find something that will legally help them gain some power. The right pro-hormones supplement might not add tons of muscle mass overnight but it will help them recover during tough training sessions which aids the process. A slow and steady increase in power along with some recovery from tough workouts is all legal and pretty easy to arrange.

That is the key moral issue in the whole debate about baseball and drug use. Some guys choice a path that allowed for some pretty fast results. Other players likely just selected products that would help them play more often and avoid injury. Its tough to keep playing all year but if the players choose the right legal products including pro hormones, vitamins, energy bars, protein bars etc., all those things help someone stay in the game and stay out of trouble.