Diamonds can help you save dollars

Well you can save some dollars during the Xmas seasons or you can choose to spend some real dollars. But if you’re smart about it you can spend those dollars and cover two big tickets purchases at one time. And I’m talking big ticket item, no dinner out and a movie.

So whats the great trick? Well it works if you’re single guy and you’ve decided that your girl is the one for you. So you now have to make the big move. Besides sweating out all the details you have to find the perfect diamond engagement rings for your future wife.

So how exactly did that big ticket purchase save you any money? What could more romantic than receiving diamond rings when you open your gifts on Christmas morning? In front of family and friends it would even make you look better ineveryone eyes. Like you wanted to share the special moment with everyone. You could have told a few of them in advance so they had the camera ready. But again how does that save money? Well that ring was one heck of a Christmas gift wasn’t it? Maybe in a few years she’ll figure out that you cheaped out and you only bought one really nice gift for that Chrtistmas. Don’t worry it’ll be to late for her to trade you in.