Restaurant world rear view

Last night I had one of those extra fancy special types of restaurant meals. No it was not all fine china and table service.

It was the exact opposite which makes it even more interesting. Some restaurants now allow you to seat in the back in the kitchen and watch all the magic happen.

Well this was one of those meals but with a twist. Right before we arrived the kitchen had a major problem with one its walk-in fridges. It died right around the start of the dinner rush. The thing is we’re not talking about some 6ft cubic fridge. This was an industrial refrigeration at its finest. The walk-in was about 20 feet long and there was a massive amount of food and some of it was pretty expensive.

So we still got to experience the back end of the restaurant trade with the owner of the restaurant putting on a very stressed out show. Usually these dinners feature the chef showing you a few tricks and you get to see things happen.

Well this dinner had the owner freaking out as he tried to get his industrial refrigeration equipment fixed before he lost some major cash. The chef mentioned something like $50K worth of product in the fridge so it was pretty painful watching the guy stress out when he couldn’t get a repair person on the phone immediately.

When we almost finished our meal the owner was almost crying when an old school, cigar smoking, overall wearing repairman showed up. this guy obviously had fixed everything in his lifetime anything thrown his way, ammonia refrigeration, broken pumps, overheated compressors, whatever the problem was he could fix it. I could tell because the chef was smiling when the guy finally showed up.