Senior helper

One of the most difficult things that I’ve recently seen in my neighbourhood are some seniors moving out of their homes. One couple had lived in their home for over 49 years but they had to move I think mostly due to financial concerns.

If they could have afforded some at home care they likely could have stayed in their house. Since they are not in the greatest of health they could have looked at some sort of life settlements on their existing life insurance policies.

Really what they needed was some extra cash to help them over the next few years. Having a large payout once one of them had passed on would be great in theory but they needed some cash right now so they could stay in their home. By getting life insurance settlements from their two policies they likely would have been able to afford some more time in their home.

It might not be something that some next of kin might not recommend but its something that more seniors should look at in the future. What is more important staying in your home or passing on some dollars to your adult aged children? A good life settlement company can explain the benefits to someone who is looking for some advice on the issue. It can also help since the seniors would than save a few dollars when they no longer have that monthly insurance payment.