Silver not diamond helper

After my previous post regarding diamonds and how they can solve your Christmas shopping and marriage plans in one swoop my friends mentioned that might not always work.

Mostly because after you have spent all that money on everyones gift, not just the wife to be, you might be kind of broke. Plus there is the small possibility the wife to be might figure out on Boxing Day that you cheaped out and tried to get her only one gift.

So you can still make the move but maybe not with some huge rock. You can find some very nice sterling silver jewelry that can also communicate that you’re ready to make the next move in the old relationship. If you buy the right item it will still have that wow impact when the gift is unwrapped on Christmas morning.

You can find a very wide range of sterling silver jewelry when you search online. You can easily spend as much as a diamond ring but if you are smart you can buy a nice ring along with several other items.

Some of the more popular sterling silver jewelry items include earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. So instead of buying one big rock you could easily buy a nice set of items that still include the magic ring. So again you’ll look even better, you did not just buy one item, you ended up getting a couple of gifts for Christmas.