Winter vacation idea

One of the biggest planning projects right now are winter vacations. Most people start thinking about heading south to warmer weather. But trips over the border have way to many conditions and restrictions right now if you don’t have all your paperwork organized.

One option that might work for the hardy winter types is some winter fishing. There are plenty of Ontario Fishing Resorts and Lodges that operate throughout the year. What makes winter fishing special is the whole process. Its more about spending some good quality time with your friends and hopefully catching some fish

Winter fishing usually means renting an ice fish shack on one of Ontario’s many lakes. The ice conditions need to right because you end up putting hundreds of pounds of equipment on the ice so its has to be nice and solid.

There are various Ontario Fish Species that can be fished during the winters months. You might end catching some 70 pound monster, trophy fish but you’ll likely catch something if you spend on some time on the ice. With winter fishing you can spend time with your friends in the shack talking and fishing. You can catch more fish in Ontario maybe in the summertime but you won’t have the same experiences as you would sitting in a shack in the middle of lake.