Help yourself get that property

While you are busy looking at all those properties its important to remember that the landlord might also be looking at you. In many markets the landlords have the upper land because of supply and demand. They can sometimes ask just slightly to much for properties in certain locations.

One tactics that you can use to your advantage is something that landlords might try to use against you. If you have a spot less credit and renting history do not be afraid to mention that when you view the property. The landlord will still likely run credit checks on people who pass the first test but do not be afraid to mention your perfect credit history. Its a good tactic to set in his or hers mind that you are a great tenant.

Almost all landlords or letting agents perform tenant screening because they want to have perfect tenants. The credit check will look into your past history including looking at court records for any judgements that have been awarded against you. Also the checks will see how often you have moved so if you moved within the last year you should mention that in advance to the landlord. While your finances might be perfect the landlord might be concerned about you switching properties.