If you’re going to paint

Well the wife has spoken on this home painting project. Nothing comes easy in the household when it involves any type of home improvements. So instead of just looking for a professional painter now its apparently time to start looking for home renovation contractors since she figures that while the paint brushes are out we may as well knock down that kitchen wall.

This is why I avoid any home improvement program right from the start. No matter how small the issue might be at the start it always mushrooms into some massive reno project that has to look like its something out of Dwell magazine.

I have no problem with the theory of actually going ahead with the project its the actually doing of the project thats a problem. I’m sure that no matter where you live you have had a hard time trying to find a good renovation person. From coast to coast its hard, try looking up Los Angeles Contractor and you’ll see what happens. You can end up with someone who only works on million dollar homes when all you need is a new shoe closet. Its the same thing on the other side of country. When you look for a Long Island Remodeling Contractor you could easily end up having the same guy who just finished working on Billy Joel fifth kitchen renovation show up on your doorstep. Since you and me aren’t the piano man we have to be watching the reno cost.