Those online mortgage rates

If you own a home you’ve likely seen those ads on websites. You likely can guess what ads I’m talking about already. Its those very attractive looking mortgage loan rate ads. They mention some crazy numbers like $399 for 150K or something similar.

I know rates are low but man those ads are killing me. The people who work in the mortgage marketing field know how to generate some traffic with those super attractive rates in those headlines.

They all know that everyone is looking to generate so extra cash flow and saving a few hundred dollars every month is pretty attractive.

These folks really know what phrases are going to make you check out those ads. One of my favs is the Home Payments Fall Again ads. These mortgage marketing services know that everyone keeps reading in the newspapers about lower rates. Unfortunately we never actually see what the new low mortgage rates are until we visit their websites. Smart marketing.

Some of these ads are not from the banks and credit unions that provide most of the financing for people. Plenty of these ads are created by mortgage broker marketing experts who make money from referring you to certain companies. You should double check the mortgage rates provided by these experts with your local bank or credit union.