Winter also means reno

Well lets get back to the reality of the winter season. I can forget about any trips to far off warm and expensive locals. The reality for most people in North America for this time of year is renovations. To be exact its time to do all those home repairs projects that kept getting delayed over the summer for whatever reason.

Recently an energy audit expert checked out our home. Too many leaks and we needed to seal the old home slightly better. Also we could use some new window treatment methods to use some passive heat to help save some energy.

One of the best ways to generate passive heat is to install some new windows and some shutters. There are different types of shutters available and for people in North America you would likely be looking at some American shutters to renovate your home. The thing with shutters now is that they do not have to be installed on the outside of your house.

Newer window and shutter designs allow for the actually blinds to be installed inside the house in the window frame. That type of product is not very common in North America right now. But its very common that European shutters use this technique. This allows you to easily direct the sunlight so that you receive the benefit of passive heat in your house. Your energy bill will likely be a few dollars lower by the end of the winter plus your cats and kids will love the sunshine.