Gift reward for that reno

Well one thing that can help get that reno project going is a reward. With the holiday season rapidly approaching its pretty easy to twist that whole reno issue into a discussion about holiday gifts.

I like high tech items but I really like certain aviation products. The difference is that some high tech gadgets are actually vapour ware. They don’t really exist. You can read a review about them and see a release date but it will never ship. But with something like a David Clark headset you are buying something that actually exists and its been proven in the field for many years. So its ok to get all excited about the item because you can actually buy one.

After you’ve flown for several years you really start to appreciate the difference in quality with certain products. Plus there is nothing worse than worrying about your equipment. When you need to buy something like a Avcomm headset you should just go ahead and make the purchase. I recently was looking to purchase something that I needed for several months. I had borrowed my friends Telex headset because my had finally died. Its important that you check the different sources for headsets since I had seen some very different prices on the exact same model.