July means hit the road with two wheels

For many folks July means more than summer holidays and trips out to the lake. You might have noticed a sudden influx of slightly overweight folks riding around in spandex on some shiny bicycles. Well that means its Tour de France time. Many folks know about the Tour de France because its become the biggest cycling event in the world. It must be some smart marketing from the French because Spain and Italy also have large national cycling events but the Tour is seen as the biggest in the world. You can watch the event on TV or you can find many different online sources for race coverage from websites like cyclingfans.com.

When the Tour hits the airwaves you’ll notice all these cyclists out on the road looking good in some retro cycling jersey and some nice expensive carbon bicycle. When we say expensive we mean expensive because some folks will think nothing of dropping at least $5,ooo for a bicycle so they can look like the guys riding around France. The only problem is that its the legs that make you go fast and not the bicycle.